day 23: trendy clothes & cool friends…

breakkie ……. good ol’ weetabix (neva fails me !!!)
highlight of wk ……. peppermint tea w my darlin’ frnd 🙂

every1 doubts their value sometimes

god’s been remindin’ me recently dat i matter 2 him n’ dat U matter 2 him so we don’t need 2 doubt our value

things dat may be amazing but don’t determine ur value:

*no. of cool friends u have

*d trendy clothes u wear

*where u go 2 school

*where u work

*ur looks

*how much u or ur parents earn

*what gifts u have

…& d list can go on & on & on…

thing dat determines ur value:

*simply put: u r valuable becos god made U (yes U) & dat is enuf, more than enuf

by zola.

hotshot verse:  genesis 1:26  “god spoke: ‘let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature’.”


we’d love 2 hear ur thoughts on value: is ur value 4 sale?  can ur value b bought?

so if u comment by 9pm (london time) thursday june 16th, u’ll b entered in2 a draw 2 win a copy of the hillsong aftermath cd below!!!! excitin’ oh yes, so get writin’!

congratulations sofia cordani for winnin d cd above !!!!  hey girls thanks 4 commentin’ n’ watch dis space every couple of days 4 more cool stuff ……..


About Zolala

University of Cambridge trained educational practitioner, author, speaker, lover of all people!
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5 Responses to day 23: trendy clothes & cool friends…

  1. Tolu says:

    That’s good zola

  2. Iveta says:

    I think, our value can’t be bought and is not for a sale.God made us special in a different ways and He wants us to live for Him.we should know our values and who we r. Living today’s life it’s hard to remember who we were created by and how important we r,because The world around us puts everythin else in a first place,but not we should know we r His children and nothing else matters.

  3. chickchatt says:

    totally agree!!! it’s tricky sometimes… needing to be relevant but then also holding true to who we are…
    thanks for ur comments girls…keep them coming!

  4. Wara says:

    this is do good! each one of us have different talents god gave us different gifts !sometimes we forget that we were created by the one and only the creator, author GOD!

  5. sofia says:

    That was amazing…. loved it and agree….. i find it easy to forget the little things like how much we are worth especially to our creator, God and how we should do everything to please Him. The world around us can so easily get us distracted and off God and more on the material things so thank you Zola i needed that xxx

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