day 26: salvation stories– this new thing ..

i remember the day my salvation story started, i just knew it was
right, & its kept me thru some tough times, and let me experience
some crazy times too…. its like the best life rollercoaster ever…!

then nicodemus asks 1 of the funniest things, but its a completely
logical question & jesus explains the change happens within us, a new thing
comes alive within us, & restoration of who we R within ourselves
w the god that created us takes place.  after that we see changes
thru us & around us, freaky!

hotshot verse: John 3:4 “how can any1,” said nicodemus, “b born who has already been born & grown up?  U can’t re-enter ur mother’s womb & b born again…. what R u sayin with this ‘born-from-above’

byy goodness.

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University of Cambridge trained educational practitioner, author, speaker, lover of all people!
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