camp highlights: it’s a n.e.w. order!

i remember goin 2 summercamp thnkin about all the stuff ppl had told me lyk gettin dragged out of ur tent (!)

but i never ever imagined dat i wud have such an encounter with God, it was such an amzing experience, getting baptised made me a whole new person, it helped me realise dat i’m not alone and dat God is always there nd is always listening,

i always had a problem thnkin dat God cudn’t hear me or wasn’t listenin but now i no dat he is & he always will.  now i feel more confident and i feel lyk i can achieve nythng if i put God at the centre of it.


add ur summercamp highlights as a comment below!!!


About Zolala

University of Cambridge trained educational practitioner, author, speaker, lover of all people!
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