day 2: guilt & forgiveness…

Breakfast…couple slices of buttered toast  🙂
Highlight of morning… (cant think of 1 now!)

2day we r checkin out mark 2:10

there’s 1 thing in life that we all have felt the weight of, guilt. when we feel we’ve done somethin wrong or even made wrong decisions, mark 2 shows Jesus is ready 2 4give us no matter what, we just have 2 be ready 2 ask him 4 it, just like d man on d stretcher.

so God can 4give all I might be ashamed of!

verse 10 “i want u (insert ur name here) to know that the son of man (jesus) has authority on earth to forgive sins.”

See Also:
Romans 8:1

by aminat.


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camp highlights: it’s a n.e.w. order!

i remember goin 2 summercamp thnkin about all the stuff ppl had told me lyk gettin dragged out of ur tent (!)

but i never ever imagined dat i wud have such an encounter with God, it was such an amzing experience, getting baptised made me a whole new person, it helped me realise dat i’m not alone and dat God is always there nd is always listening,

i always had a problem thnkin dat God cudn’t hear me or wasn’t listenin but now i no dat he is & he always will.  now i feel more confident and i feel lyk i can achieve nythng if i put God at the centre of it.


add ur summercamp highlights as a comment below!!!

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day 26: salvation stories– this new thing ..

i remember the day my salvation story started, i just knew it was
right, & its kept me thru some tough times, and let me experience
some crazy times too…. its like the best life rollercoaster ever…!

then nicodemus asks 1 of the funniest things, but its a completely
logical question & jesus explains the change happens within us, a new thing
comes alive within us, & restoration of who we R within ourselves
w the god that created us takes place.  after that we see changes
thru us & around us, freaky!

hotshot verse: John 3:4 “how can any1,” said nicodemus, “b born who has already been born & grown up?  U can’t re-enter ur mother’s womb & b born again…. what R u sayin with this ‘born-from-above’

byy goodness.

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day 25: salvation stories– enter into..


(from salvare ‘to save’)

spelled [sal-vey-shuhn]

– a noun

the act of savin or protectin from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.
we’re lookin at a new series called ‘salvation stories’ in the next few weeks so come back & check it out… !

real love isn’t our love for god, but his love for us  ~1 john 4:10~

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the low down… (aka heart of the matter)

the low down…

– we blve in jesus,

(the cross) = love…

god gets it. (everythin’ abt wat its like bein’ u)

jesus came as god in man…2 feel what u feel.  2 break d wall b/w u & god

… if u’d like dat wall b/w u & god down it’s easy just say these words below!

“jesus, i ask 4 ur 4giveness & receive ur luv. here’s my life from now—all urs…”

dat’s the best decision u’ll eva make in ur life i tell u!!!

if u said that prayer, we’d love to hear 4rm u …

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day 24: so precious & worth everythin’

breakkie………………………….. cheerios (yummmmmmmmmmmmm)
highlight of the week so far………… camping in the countryside 🙂

hav u eva played football in PE & d ball was comin rite @ u & it was up 2 u 2 make d greatest goal in d game happen?        & then u missed…

i hav & it made me feel soo worthless-every1 was mad @ me. but guess wat?

there’s absolutely nothing u can do dat can make god luv & treasure u less!  in fact u’re so precious 2 him dat he gave his only son 4 U!  so wheneva some1 makes u feel bad just remember: god, d smartest, coolest, most awesome guy in d whole universe eva thnks u’re definitely somethin special 🙂

by dori.

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day 23: trendy clothes & cool friends…

breakkie ……. good ol’ weetabix (neva fails me !!!)
highlight of wk ……. peppermint tea w my darlin’ frnd 🙂

every1 doubts their value sometimes

god’s been remindin’ me recently dat i matter 2 him n’ dat U matter 2 him so we don’t need 2 doubt our value

things dat may be amazing but don’t determine ur value:

*no. of cool friends u have

*d trendy clothes u wear

*where u go 2 school

*where u work

*ur looks

*how much u or ur parents earn

*what gifts u have

…& d list can go on & on & on…

thing dat determines ur value:

*simply put: u r valuable becos god made U (yes U) & dat is enuf, more than enuf

by zola.

hotshot verse:  genesis 1:26  “god spoke: ‘let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature’.”


we’d love 2 hear ur thoughts on value: is ur value 4 sale?  can ur value b bought?

so if u comment by 9pm (london time) thursday june 16th, u’ll b entered in2 a draw 2 win a copy of the hillsong aftermath cd below!!!! excitin’ oh yes, so get writin’!

congratulations sofia cordani for winnin d cd above !!!!  hey girls thanks 4 commentin’ n’ watch dis space every couple of days 4 more cool stuff ……..

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day 22: encouragement for exams: preparation is KEY = helllllo !!!

breakkie…………………………………… porridge
highlight of d week so far……………..wakin’ up tues mornin’ knowin’ d 10k
was ova for anotha yr 🙂

preparation is KEY!!

lukin’ arnd so many people runnin’ past dat u wld neva think cld beat u based on what they luk like, but u don’t realise all d hard work & devotion they have put into training!

whilst i thought i cld run it with NO training! i found out u get out what u put in!

private devotion n’ preparatn is needed! no matter how ‘fit’ u luk what u do when no1 is luking is what really counts

hotshot verse: john 15:4:  remain in me & i will remain in u.  for a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from d vine & u cannot b fruitful apart from me.

by jade t.

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